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"Agatha Christie for people who inhale."
   —Nigel Williamson, The Times

crime fiction by Paul Charles

Down on Cyprus Avenue

Thanks a million for dropping in again or... hello and welcome if it's your first visit.

I must admit I'm enjoying doing the infrequent blogs a lot more than I thought I was going to. I love the way these unconnected subjects, which had obviously been lurking way, way back in my subconscious, seem to rise to the fore every now and again, and with a wee bit of time, thought and dusting away the cobwebs from that part of my brain I'm able to catch adventures/incidents from my past.

Like the time I was in a sixties pop group for a short time (well only for as long as it took someone to snap a photograph) or like the time I visited Rod Stewart in the studio to interview him for a Belfast newspaper, Cityweek and there was a rather unfortunate incident with a mandolin. Then the was the time I was nearly burned alive when the flat (apartment) I was living in caught fire in the middle of the night. Another blog recalls the times I met three of the Beatles (on three separate occasions of course) and yet another details how I discovered the cure for the common cold. And then of course the new blog (plug, plug) which is all about the time I was mugged in New York. Anyway blogs—old and new—are all there in the blog section for your perusal. I hope you enjoy.

Equally I hope you enjoy your visit around the rest of the site as well.


crime fiction by Paul Charles

Thanks a million to Catherine McGinley for the use of the PC photos.



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