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British crime fiction

"Paul Charles is one of the hidden treasures
of British crime fiction."

   —John Connolly

St. Ernan's Blues by Paul Charles

The Latest Books

St Ernan's Blues

3rd Inspector Starrett mystery

St Ernan's is politely known as a "retirement home" for priests. The exiled residents are guilty of such serious offenses as entrepreneurship, criticising the church, or getting too friendly with the flock. Things take a turn when Fr. Matthew McKaye is found dead in the kitchen, a pot of potatoes still boiling on the cooker top. Has one of these outcast priests committed murder.

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One of Our Jeans is Missing

One of Our Jeans Is Missing

3rd Castlemartin novel

David meets up with Mary, John, Jean and Jean and they start to enjoy each other, and music, and each other a bit more, and then one of them disappears. At least two of the remaining quartet start to consider what might be the perfect method of murder.

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Other Books

Besides the Inspector Christy Kennedy mysteries, I also write the Inspector Starrett mysteries, the latest of which is St Ernan's Blues, and several music books. Check out the BOOKLIST below.

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Inspector Christy Kennedy novels:

1. I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

2. Last Boat to Camden Town

3. Fountain of Sorrow

4. The Ballad of Sean and Wilko

5. The Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room

6. I've Heard the Banshee Sing

7. The Justice Factory

8. Sweetwater

9. The Beautiful Sound of Silence

10. A Pleasure To Do Death With You

Ramelton Murders

Inspector Starrett novels:

1. The Dust of Death

2. Family Life

3. St Ernan's Blues

McCusker Mysteries

McCusker Mysteries:

1.Down on Cyprus Avenue

2.Day in the Life of Louis Bloom - Paul Charles

Ramelton Murders


One of Our Jeans Is Missing

The Lonesome Heart Is Angry

The Prince of Heaven's Eyes (A Novella)

The Last Dance

First of the True Believers

Camden Town Murder Mysteries

Music Books:

The Best Beatles Book Ever

(The Complete Guide to) Playing Live

How to Succeed in the Music Business



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