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Video: Paul Charles interview by Robin Elliot for the Big Interview, speaking on Departing Shadows
Belfast, November 2019
"In 1984, a lady police officer was gunned down in the streets of London... and I felt really upset about it personally, because of the injustice of it all... Here was this beautiful woman in the prime of her life, everything ahead of her, and through no fault of her own, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she's gunned down, but not only that, that the person who did it, under the flag of diplomatic immunity, disappeared into the night... And I started wondering how Christy Kennedy would make sure that the person was held accountable."
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Video: Music promoter and author Paul Charles releases third murder mystery novel
Belfast Telegraph, May 2016
"I try and get real locations. It just makes that story by association feel more real...It has a uniqueness about it and a great feel about it."
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Interview with Paul Charles
by Basil Francis of DPRP
"By the time we started work on the third Fruupp album, we decided instead of writing links to the songs as an after-thought I would write a story and we would base the songs, as a concept album if you will, around that story. The story I came up with was The Prince of Heaven's Eyes, which also because the title of the album."
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Paul Charles: Literary Notes & Words
Interview with Michalis Limnios of, September 2015
"It started by accident, and certainly not by design, on the day I heard the Beatles' first single, 'Love Me Do,' played on my mother's radio for the first time. I certainly didn't have any musical talent that warranted trying to get up on stage but I certainly had the energy to help those talented enough to make music, to get up on a stage and took great pleasure from doing so."
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PC Discussing The Lonesome Heart is Angry with Colin Midson
"Matchmaking was very much part of local communities such as Castlemartin. As in The Lonesome Heart is Angry, as the 1960s galloped in, matchmaking was pretty much a dying art. It would have been the forerunner to computer dating."
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Interviews by Paul Charles

A Conversation with...Colin Dexter (and PC)
"And although I had written a couple of other books, I wasn't unused to writing. And I remember I sat down at the kitchen table, I didn't write more than three or four paragraphs. But I mean that's the thing isn't it, I bet you've discovered with writing, haven't you, that the thing to do—you never want to wait for the Almighty to whisper in your ear—just put something down on the page!"
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