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The Essential Beatles Book

"Agatha Christie for people who inhale."
   —Nigel Williamson, The Times

crime fiction by Paul Charles

Hello again,
My goodness what a year and a quarter.
For everyone.
On the plus side, I’ve discovered the joys of walks again.
Music as ever the constant comforter. I’ve always enjoyed getting lost in my reading, but it seems so much more important, rewarding, vital even.
We’re told it’s nearing the end but not yet over, so reflection will come later I guess.
In the meanwhile, back to the music and, in my life of course, the Beatles.

July 1st this year saw the publication of my Beatles book, which was published in the USA a few years ago. Now, revised and with a new title and jacket, it was, as I mentioned, published on July 1st as The Essential Beatles Book by the good people at New Haven Publishing.

I’m currently working on a new Christy Kennedy Mystery, The Return of the James Gang. It’s about a 1960s Liverpool pop group called The James Gang who were, back in the day, reputed to be the second best Merseybeat band, but sadly split up before they made their (much predicted) journey into the big time. The band regrouped for a special event in modern day Camden Town...

I better get back to work on that,
Until we meet again, happy trails...

crime fiction by Paul Charles

Thanks a million to Catherine McGinley for the use of the PC photos.


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