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Time for a new book I hear you say/shout. Funny you should say that, because you would be correct. It’s called: Adventures in Wonderland.

Adventures in Wonderland

And what’s it about you might say.

Well, it’s definitely not one of my murder mysteries although I hope I solve a few other mysteries for you. Like the mystery about how music is created and performed. Give that I started my day job as a manager/agent when I was fifteen you could say I’ve been working on this book for nearly sixty years now, give or take a year or two and when you’re in your seventies it’s very difficult to give or take a year or two.

I fell in love with music when I heard the Beatles’ Please Please Me on the radio. I eventually was lucky enough to become an agent in the music business.

In a career spanning nearly fifty years I have experienced extraordinary highs—as well as moments of danger and despair. Yes I have lived the life, loved the music, dreamt the dreams and been manager agent confidant of some of the biggest—an certainly the most artistically credible—artists and songwriters. In Adventures in Wonderland I write about adventures with The Beatles, The Kinks, Robert Plant, Van Morrison, Ray Davies, The Rolling Stones, The Roches, Roy Orbison, Loudon Wainwright III, Christy Moore, Carly Simon, The Police, The Waterboys, Nick Lowe, Hothouse Flowers, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, John Lee Hooker, Tanita Tikaram plus dozens more legendary acts and 32 years of programming the Acoustic Stage at the magnificent Glastonbury Festival.

Welcome to my Wonderland, I really hope you enjoy.



Author Paul Charles

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