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Down on Cyprus Avenue

Down on Cyprus Avenue

In the first of a new series, McCusker, a retired RUC policeman originally stationed in Portrush on the north-west coast of Northern Ireland, returns to work as an agency cop—A Yellow Top—following his wife's flight to America with their nest egg. On his first major case in Belfast he partners with DI Lily O'Carroll to locate the two missing sons of a wealthy business man. But before that case is solved, an American banker working in Belfast is brutally murdered down on leafy Cyprus Avenue and McCusker and O'Carroll are put on the case. While the list of suspects grows even longer, McCusker finds himself juggling his move to Belfast, O'Carroll's frequent blind dates, his status as a hired back rent-a-cop, and being a single man in modern day Belfast and trying really hard not to be distracted by Belfast's beautiful women—one mysterious one in particular. There is no relief when McCusker and O'Carroll eventually find a suspect only to discover the suspect in question has a water-tight alibi. Only one of the detectives believes the alibi is genuine.

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Dufour Editions, hardcover, November 2014, ISBN: 978-0802313584

crime fiction


"Readers will definitely want to see more of Brendy McCusker."

"...with this twist-filled tale of betrayal and revenge."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Continuously absorbing"
   —Kirkus Reviews



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